Seller's Checklist


1. Pricing - Determine the price of your home by studying comparable homes. Visit open houses, shop online, and know what makes your home special. Determine the minimum amount you wish to sell your home based on what you bought it for, improvements you have made, and how the value of the your land has changed. Additionally, you should get your home inspected to see if you need any big repairs done and be prepared to close when the time comes.

2. Landscaping - Make sure your yard and landscaping looks nice; first impressions are important. Simple things such as mowing and watering your lawn, weeding the gardens, and planting colorful flowers can help attract customers.

3. Staging - Making the inside of your house neat and orderly can also help in selling home. Washing windows, cleaning out closets, cabinets, and the garage are some easy things you can do. Cleaning out gutters, replacing inexpensive things, and touching up paint can also help the value of the home.



4. Marketing - List in your local MLS (that is where we come in), create flyers, take photos, post a yard sign, plan an open house, and notify friends and family. These basic marketing techniques can help expose your property to a larger audience and get your home sold faster!

5. Negotiation - Assess the buyer's qualifications. Find out information on the person and make sure they can be trusted. Decide on a counter offer and set a date for settlement. Finally, purchase the sale agreement that can all be found in the "Resources" tab on!

6. Closing - Select a Title Company to ensure that the title exchange is valid. Open escrow (determined by title company) and apply earnest money. Once you officially close, you just have to look for your new home if you have yet to find one!